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Bathtub Restoration and Tiles

Countertop Restoration in Miami

Call BATHTUB RESTORATION AND TILES for countertop restoration in Miami!

We specialize in tile resurfacing for bathroom renovation.

Kitchen and Bathroom Countertop Resurfacing

BATHTUB RESTORATION AND TILES provides expert kitchen and bathroom countertop renovations by providing expert resurfacing services. 

With our professional and reliable countertop resurfacing, renovating the kitchen or bathroom doesn’t have to mean a hefty price tag. 

Be it scratches and burns, our countertop resurfacing solve all your problems without the need for investing in a new kitchen or bathroom surface. 

We use a number of textures and materials to provide the desired surface look and color. Call us!

Resurfacing is an affordable solution compared to replacement


Countertop Restoration Miami Miami Dade  Broward
Countertop Restoration Miami Miami Dade  Broward

Refreshing the Look of your Kitchen and Bathroom

BATHTUB RESTORATION AND TILES gives your kitchen and bathroom a refreshing look with our expert resurfacing services. 

We can handle the resurfacing of all kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and also laminate bar tops, giving them a new life. 

In fact, refinishing can greatly enhance the beauty and life of your tubs and sinks. You’re damaged or dated old countertops, with chips in the edges, burns, or stains can all be repaired and refinished without replacing. Give us a call!

Giving your kitchen and bathroom interior a refreshing look


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